Shopping Appointment

Shopping Appointment

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With events being canceled for the remainder of the year, I am now adding shopping appointments at my property.  These appointments will run for 60 minutes.  You can bring friends with you.  Please make sure I know how many are attending each appointment with you.  At this time, kids will not be allowed with you during appointments.  We want to make sure we are being as safe as possible.  Also please note, this will not be at a store.  This will be outdoors on my lawn for optimal safety.  

During these times, it's nice to have safer shopping options that don't include crowding into stores.  I hope this is a fun new way for you all to shop and have more access to Nolee without events.  

Please come with your mask incase we are not able to be distant outside.  I will have sanitizer available for you to use before touching the clothing.

See you soon!